How I was involved in Radio Science and why I believe in Inspire Project.

Author Dr. Stanislav Klimov, I.K.I. Space Research Institute.


Preparatory stage (till 1967).
As I already wrote, at school I have became a radiofan and independently studied radio engineering, beginnings to design detector receivers. After leaving school in 1955 I planned to continue my education in university. But the destiny has developed so, that I, as many contemporary of mine, in 1956 have became soldier for the Soviet army. I consider, that the destiny me has not offended, as I started to study radar-tracking station of system anti-aircraft of a defense. In one year, perfectly by finishing training, I have become the sergeant and two years served in the Soviet army.
By returning at the end of 1959 in Moscow, I have became to work. My work also was connected to electronics. In 1960 parallel with work I have become the student Physical Moscow State University "M.V.Lomonosov". In 1966 I have finished university, by receiving the diploma radiophysics.
Since 1967 I'm working in Space Research Institute (IKI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Preliminary stage (1967 - 1995).
From the very beginning of work in IKI I have started to prepare experiment on research of electrical fields in space plasma (in ionosphere). In 1972 there was such experiment was carried out on the Soviet satellite "Kosmos-484" [1]. Practically it was first in the world experiment on measurement in ionosphere DC electric field vector (3 ortogonal components). In 1974 the "Interkosmos-10" (with participation of the scientists USSR, Czehoslovak, DDR) was started, on which the experiment on measurement ULF electric field vector (ULF receiver) was carried out.
In 1985 the high eliptical orbit "Prognoz-8" was started, on which for the first time at the front of Earth shock wave were investigated ULF electromagnetic emission. These researches were highly appreciated F.Scarf [2]. With Fred Scarf - patriarch of electromagnetic radiations investigation with the help of space vehicles-, I for the first time personally has met at a conference " Collisionless shocks ", which was carried out in 1987 in Balatonfured (Hungary). At a conference Fred was together with his wife Mimi. In Balatofured the discussion Soviet-American of experiment on "multidot" measurements in a magnetosphere of the Earth was carried out also. This experiment was discussed and the next years. In these discussions took part Bill Taylor.
Unfortunately international space community in 1985 has incured heavy loss. During start in the Soviet Union of the International Space Project Venera-Halley (VEGA) Fred was in IKI. At once after crossing by a space vehicle VEGA-1 of Earth shock wave (this crossing was magnificent detected by the device APV-N, Soviet-Polish ULF-receiver, in which I was PI from the Soviet party) Fred has felt poorly. He immediately was delivered in one of the best governmental clinics in Moscow. The next day I was in clinic, but to see Fred it was not possible, as he was in reanimation branch. Not look on the accepted urgent measures, in one day Fred died. The diagnosis - cancer in brain. I was in mourning ex-court spending Fred in last flight from the airport Sheremetevo (Moscow).
In USSR we believed, that Fred's successor, there would be Bill Taylor. I think, that the death Fred has affected and, the project was not realized.
May 6-14, 1990 in Washington there passed the Soviet-American working group on solar-terrestrial physics. Here I again have met with Bill Taylor. He just has moved (on smart collection and very large red Ford) from California to Washington,D.C. working for NASA. It is on May 9 (in the Soviet Union and now in Russia a Holiday of a Victory) in officer club (about one hour, driving from Washington) there was a companionable supper, on which Bill was with his wife Kathleen.
The plans of the further joint works were planned.
At this time in the Soviet Union there has come epoch of Perestroika and Glasnost, which not look on its democratic orientation, has resulted in curtailing mutual relation USSR and USA, including in the field of space researches.
Following my meeting with Bill was held during General Assembly of URSI (the International Union of Radio Science), taking place in Kyoto 25.08-03.09.1993. 26.08. H.Matsumoto has invited in Beer Restoran Tengu "wave company" B.Taylor, D.Gurnett, R.Anderson (with wife). There are perfect photos of this "session" made by H.Matsumoto. Here for mag of beer the discussions of opportunities of the further joint works have proceeded and I for the first time have heard about INSPIRE.

Participation in the program INSPIRE (1995 - ).
During preparation of my trip in USA for participation in Fourth International Conference on Tethers in Space (Washington, D.C. 10-14 April 1995) we have exchanged with Bill the necessary information. Upon termination of my stay in Washington the protocol on cooperation was prepared within the framework of the program INTMINS (INTerball-Mir-INSpire). In May, 1995 this protocol was signed by the chiefs INSPIRE, IKI, and RKK ENERGIYA. From this moment began my official participation in the program INSPIRE, as coordinator from the Russian side.
That the program INSPIRE is very interesting and is useful from the point of view of attraction of the schoolboys to space research I was evidently convinced, participating in spring session INSPIRE, taking place in Washington, D.C. 7-9 February. On this session I for the first time have met with Bill Pine. From the Russian part on this session also for the first time participated Olga Lapshinova from RKK ENERGIYA, which realizes at orbital station "MIR" the program of work ISTOCHNIK and ARIEL guns.
INSPIRE Project has allowed also to get acquainted with original unprofit by the enthusiasts of space researches. Especially it is pleasant, that some of them are not the professional researchers, but their participation very active and sometime times can forces on another to look at tasks of the educational programs.
For me very interesting and useful was a meeting with Flavio Gori, past 4-5 October 1999, in Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze), Italy. In Spaghetteria-Birreria "Da Carlo" practically began the given interview. Flavio very actively aspired to understand - what directions of "amateur" researches can be useful, or even are necessary for a professional science.
To me for all life, the warm, sincere meeting with Flavio's wife Edy and daughter Marina was remembered. As then informed by Flavio this sincere feeling has appeared to be mutual, especially from the Marina's soul.
I believe, that during planned 7-9 July 2000 of meeting in Washington, D.C. With Bill Taylor and Bill Pine we shall continue discussion of the further works under the programs INSPIRE and POETRY. note:

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