Autore: Paolo Manzelli


- The future prospects of creativity in science is now open to a deep revisiting of strategic thinking about the relationships between:
Thermodynamics and Life Sciences.
- An open debate on this thema, ill be organized in the congress COHERENCE 2005 , organized by CBS ( Study Centre of Biomethereology -Roma -It) , AFF ( Frontiers of Physic Association Milano -It ) , and ON-NS ( Open Network for New Science of Florence -It) , the 14- OCT-05 c/o Engeneering Meeting Room - University ROMA3 - via della Vasca Navale ,109 -00100 -Roma (It)

- Science till today is normally focused on limited priorities of mechanical bases of understanding of the old industrial society. This reductive approach nowadays is no more able to understand a coherent development based on the integration of trans-disciplinary science.  Prof. Giorgio Piccardi (1895-1972) ( see: <> was the Director of Institure of Chemical Physics research works to understand the influence of the universal electromagnetic field  spectra  on a open thermodynamics system .  The research work of G.Piccardi it is today very important to a new beginning of researchers about the study of Life Sciences Evolution . As a matter of facts Piccardi Study's initiate with the research of the easy reproducible STORM GLASS, ( known as chemical barometer ) that is composed by the following chemical substances  closed into an hermetically sealed glass tubes it is contained supersaturated mixture following chemicals.; 2.5 gr.Potassium Nitrate + 2.5 gr. Ammonium Cloride + 33 ml of Distilled Water + 40 ml Ethanol, + 10 gr. camphor . The Idro- alcoholic  STORM ­GLASS solution it is closed in a test tube and tacked into a constant temperature ; so that is no influenced by the thermodynamic variables (i.e. -: Temperature , Pressure and Concentration).  

A similar test tube was utilized by the admiral Robert Fitzroy , commander of BEAGLE the vessel participated to the world wide of the famous Charles Darwin's  expedition around the world. Fitzroy believe that the alchemic mixture, containing camphor, ammonia, alcohol, potassium nitrate, and water, was most suitable for weather meteorology  forecasting in respect of the  Torricelli Barometer used until 1643. So that in the Robert Fitzroy Weather Book of Beagle Shipp (1843) , he described the various forms of the growth of crystal shapes and patterns of Camphor that develos within the storm glass according to different wind directions and weather conditions . Therefore G.Piccardi, develop a chemical Physics studies of Storm Glasses and other chemical precipitates , taking in clever attention those out of equilibrium data for understanding, way the camphor's crystal grows can give a forecast about meteorology in a context of a study of out of equilibrium thermodynamics. G. Piccardi obtains  very good results  by means the research made in Florence, that permits to discover  the influence to all chemical reactions of of solar electromagnetic field in the context of out of equilibrium dynamics of chemical and bio-chemical reactions. Till now the research of G. Piccardi was mostly considerer by academic science as well as a contribute very far from the traditional scientific approach , so that only few scientists belonging to the CIFA ( The International Committee of Research  and Studies on the factors of the Environmental Evolution) is till now considered as an advanced science approach , that nowadays is becoming to give a clear attention about the new beginning of scientific research oriented to improve scientific multidisciplinary knowledge.

The  " ON-NS group in Florence " starts for improving new  rooting growth of science innovation , by means a revisiting of strategic thinking of science in the field of the impact of the universal electromagnetic spectrum on the life science evolution. Certainly the difficulties about the needs of a deep rethinking of science starting form the ancient scientific observations seems a very hard job, for the difficulty to put in understanding the  fundamental  scientific queries of science to the attention of specific disciplinary contemporary scientists. In any case the scientific work of Giorgio Piccardi is based on a "Galileo Galilei"   method of direct observation of  Nature and therefore is based on easy reproducible chemical experiments (like : Storm Grasses, Liesegang Rings, and Oscillating Reactions) , so that the difficult of understanding it is only due to the difficulty of  brain - flexibility due to the of extreme specific division of  science growth realized during the Industrial society. Nowadays we assist to a complex transformation of the post Industrial society into the world -wide KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY ;  therefore the new beginning of creative research , based on an approach that  will be able to overcome the mechanical character of traditional science , can be very relevant for opening a new paradigm of future science development of living system understanding in the context of the future world-wide KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY.