The EMBLA 2000 Mission in Hessdalen

Massimo Teodorani, PhD
Astrophysicist, Scientific Supervisor of ICPH
Scientific Consultant of CNR-IRA
Via Catalani 45 - 47023 Cesena (FC) - ITALY

Stelio Montebugnoli, MScEE
CNR Leading Technologist and Director
Director of EMBLA 2000 Project
Stazione Radioastronomica CNR-IRA
Via Fiorentina - Medicina (BO) - ITALY

Jader Monari, MScEE
CNR Technologist - Contractor
Stazione Radioastronomica CNR-IRA
Via Fiorentina - Medicina (BO) - ITALY

ABSTRACT. In August 2000 a team of italian physical scientists, working in collaboration with
Norwegian colleagues from Østfold College, carried out an instrumental expedition in
Hessdalen (Norway), which was just the first of a series of future scientific missions planned by
the joint italian-norwegian EMBLA Project. The expedition was aimed at studying unexplained
anomalous atmospheric luminous phenomena occurring in the Hessdalen valley since about 20
years, and it was particularly focussed to the study of the radio spectrum in the UHF, VLF and
ELF wavelength ranges. The employed radio spectrum analyzers, which were automatically in
function all the time for 25 days, permitted to discover highly anomalous periodic signals
which were caracterized by a spike-like and a doppler-like morphology and which were mostly
detected in the VLF radio range. Moreover, during the many planned skywatching sessions, it
was possible to sight repeatedly luminous atmospheric phenomena of both plasma-like and
structured types in varius points of the Hessdalen valley; some photographs were also taken and
subsequently analyzed. This paper represents a preliminary report on this mission, in which
both radio and visual phenomena are described. Some speculative physical models explaining
some aspects of the recorded anomalous radio signals are discussed.

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