Moon and Mars Conspiracy?

Author: Flavio Gori (N.R.R.)


What have you said?

Sometime this very everyday question is related to things said and not understood for noisy environment or absurd argument.
I have heard this phrase during my personal investigation devoted to the so-called Moon-hoax and the "Face on Mars" story.
Are you aware about these subjects?
In the July 1969 an American spacecraft called Apollo 11 was flying to the Moon as a very important moment of the Apollo Project, or the one who let American astronauts land on the Moon. It was not the first spacecraft approaching Earth's natural satellite and American were not the only one people to do that job. In those years, USSR was the USA competitor in the space race and the very first astronaut flying in Earth orbit was really an USSR one, Mr. Yuri Gagarin (April 12 2001 was just the 40 anniversary).

An USSR spacecraft with no human on board, not distant from Apollo 11, was travelling to the Moon. That's to say that USSR was a real competitor and its space knowledge was (and it is still), a very first level one. In 1961, after Mr. Gagarin's flight, USA President J.F. Kennedy promised to American people that before the end of the sixties, an American astronaut would walked on the Moon surface coming back to Earth safely. Incredible.
Therefore, Apollo 11 was not a completely new surprise, but just the highest point of a well-structured project.
You should remember that the race between the two Countries was very hard and no one would like to be in second position, also for political reasons. Therefore, each of them should get any kind of notice, also if not completely true though able to share confusion over the "enemy" action putting down the competitor.
Of course, this kind of race needed a large amount of Government money and everything was accepted to win the race. "Everything" means change reality too? This was at the base of the conspiracy theory that somebody believed to find in some points and finally argued that nobody was never been on the Moon. It was just a well-done film to let American people win the race. Do you remember "Capricorn One" movie? In that film Americans had to go to Mars so Space Agency, Government and many other official Agencies say and write that but do not believe they can go to Mars really. When the day arrived they have no way to say: "OK it was a joke. We really cannot fly there. Will you forgive us?" So decided to go there setting up a movie stage to re-create an almost true expedition and landing. Many other actions were done to hide the reality, killing people who want to say the true and things like that: things that every conspiracy fan should love to read. However, it was a movie.
A movie that went in the same way of the Moon hoax, like many other articles on newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs.

More or less as was done for the face on Mars, (Please see the related article)

or, in Italian language.

In these two cases conspiracy theories have fallen. So many years of bla-bla, movies, paper, meeting worldwide, radiotv programs were done for nothing (but money)?

Which kinds of approach did Italian people hold for them? Do they know anything about and how they care about them?
These simple questions we have laid to Italian people dividing them in two groups: who have lived those days and who was too young, if born, when situation did happen. This was just to understand how different people approach items if they have lived subjects or not. How (and if) a TV show may turn real an happening so particular as a Moon landing. Also to realize how different generations may "see" the same events.

I have interviewed 74 people,13% were not born in 1969. Its very important underline, in my opinion, that a very good percentage ­ 72% - replayed not just for short about the two questions of mine. They have take this opportunity to report their personal opinion about different ways to study and report scientific subjects. These arguments may well be reported as two ways: scientific and, the second, hoping to see what they would like to see. Moreover someone underline that the way to report an event as dramatic anyway, may be a problem for the community, triggering fear for happenings later appearing as absolutely not so hard. This illogical system has a further sociological consequence: accustom people worldwide to read and watch such news as a (in the long time) usual situation, do not understanding anymore when and if those very tragic situation really are real. Put confusion in worldwide people mind.

All people answer back about USSR behavior during and soon after the Moon landing: they likely (and China too) should have paid gold to meet such a notice to say to the world how untruth the Americans were. Nevertheless, they could not do it. Why?

Someone poses questions not so poor: American did start their space race in 1961, arriving on the Moon in 1969. Not too much time. Did they were able to manage the right technology to such an effort in those few years? Moreover, if so, why they experienced so many problems later (likely able to manage better technology), for Challenger, the lost Mars spacecrafts and some more?

We could also report about the supposed strong action to silence all people involved in the Moon hoax. If that was true, how writers about it can still live in perfect shape, happy spending royalties coming from Moon hoax books/articles/TV shows?

These items were posed by everyone answer back, both who was in front of TV that night and younger people who simply hear and read about the landing, though I have to say that all persons saw TV landing refused to admit they saw a fake or declaring how sad should be to recognize that wonderful and historical moment was a hoax. A couple of persons admit that, not at that time but nowadays, they admit USA could do many things to win the USA/USSR space battle. Hoax, too? "We have experienced so many strange things in these years, that we cannot surprise for nothing anymore".

Face on Mars has found no problems of agreement between Italians: none believed it was true and all agreed that people want to see what they would love was true. In this way, a shadow or a low camera resolution problem are "forgotten" for inner pleasure. Moreover, sometime we forget that on Earth too, we find human like profile on rocks and mountains that nobody has built for sure. Why it cannot be the same for Mars?

In my opinion Italians people seems to be usually well informed about what is going on in space argument and just a couple of interviewed did replay me that they never heard about these supposed hoaxs. All the others were informed and take this opportunity to expand to a more general science situation. I like this way to approach scientific (and not only) arguments. In science we do not need parties such as believers and unbelievers. We just want to know as things are going. Of course critical view appear to be different nowadays than 30 years before. Many things happen in these time and people mind does not accept things acritically: they want understand. Sometime its not so easy use tools to understand. Who will give us such tools? And more: are we able to use them correctly?

So friends, do you want tell us how NASA people, who did those jobs, feel about these two events?