Article: Standard instruments for useful result.

Author: Flavio Gori


Elsewhere in this issue, you'll find a Natural Radio Mac-software Project to improve by all Inspire members, as well as any Researcher involved in our field. Now I' d like propose one more step ahead in our activity. It is related to a standardization of our tools, the ones we use to investigate in the field. The goal is use the same instruments to give more strength to our recording: same receivers, antenna, ground, tapes and any other tool we use. After some years past to understand the same methodology, its time to propose the same tools.
As you can understand some random recording sessions, are unable to really investigate Natural Radio phenomenon at all. The VLF/ULF propagation system for itself still need a better way to work from us (if we really want understand something more, for our research and our pleasure). So its time to be supplied with better instruments. And its also time to monitor a group of instruments who let us use a logical standardization of our instruments. We can't use different receivers, antennas, magnetic tape, recorder and then think to compare our recording. Probably a serious research do not allows this way to work. I believe that the first step of Inspire are gone, everybody has improved his way, his research. Surely most of us have had time to go more in dept with his research and it is logical that most of us would like improve our job for Inspire and for ourself. I strongly believe that also a specialized software should be extremely important for decoding the Natural Radio Emissions and hope you would be kind enough to read the other article of mine, where I talk about what I believe how it should works. All of you could improve the ideas of mine with some more very welcome stuff.
I believe now is time to choose: Bill Pine, Bill Taylor and some more Inspire high members, could help us to choose 3-5 tools for each item. Then our lab test have to choose after done an on street test over every tools. We'll have to test the best receiver (The Inspire one)/antenna couple, too, and the best couple between the tape and the recorder for our goals, since sometime the best instrument for, say, record a music song, is not as good as another for VLF/ULF. So the work is not easy and fast, but I think has to be done for the best results. Most of us are in Inspire since many years, its right that want to upgrade our instruments and ourselves, but this can be done only studying and working hard. No one other can do that for us.
Standard instruments and package-software create just for Natural Radio: a very bright future is waiting for us.