Erling Strand's speech


Redwood City, California, USA

Date: 07 March 2004


Let me first introduce myself: My name is Erling Strand, and I am working as an asst.professor at Østfold College in Norway. At the moment I am working in CA, USA, together with Marsha Adams, establishing "Earthlight" research activity here in the USA.

I am the project manager of Project Hessdalen, and was one of the founders of the first Project Hessdalen back in 1983. I was the research director of Project Hessdalen field investigation during the winter of 1984 and 1985, and am the author of the technical report from that time. I am also running the web site

One of the main goals from the beginning of Project Hessdalen was to involve more scientists in doing research on the Hessdalen Phenomena. I am very glad to see that this is happening now, by all the research the Italian researchers have done in Hessdalen. I hope they will continue with that.

I am also very glad to see that a conference on this topic is taking place in Italy. I am very sad that I did not have the opportunity to participate this time. Thank to all of you for you presence here today,

I have many people to thank for their work, and it is impossible to mention all these names. I must however say a special thank to ICPH which has made it possible for many Italian scientist to do research in Hessdalen. Thank you Cabassi. Thank also to IRA-CNR for their expertise, help and cooperation. Thank you Montebugnoli. I will also thank those who took the initiative for this conference. Thank you all.

Keep up the good work.

Erling Strand